Things You Need to Know About Painting a Motorcycle

18 Apr

As the motorcycle paint fades, the urge to repaint it tends to develop. One can either opt to do it himself or opt to outsource from professionals. Doing it yourself tend to cut on cost. In a case where you are a motorcycle enthusiast, painting a motorcycle can be so much fun. Open this page to learn about VMR Paints.

It is essential to begin by creating a paint booth where you can choose a mess. You would need to make sure that your booth does not mess the room.

To avoid suffocating, you may also need to setup funs to blow fumes out. You would also need to ensure enough lighting.

You need to pull out the part of the motorcycle you need to paint. The tank tends to be the best place to start especially in a case where you are new to painting since it tends to have a broad flat surface. Once you paint, you would need to sand the tank down. You would need to remember that sanding demands patience. In a case where the surface you are working on is not perfectly smooth, you risk ending up with an uneven ugly coat of paint in your bike. You would need to rub all the old paint with sandpaper by moving it in circular motions. Keep reading this article for more information.


You would need to use the filler on the sanded surface. You would also need to re-sand the surface once the filler has dried. You may need another layer of body filler in a case where you are not sure that the surface is ready and sand it down again. To protect your body from rusting in future; you may need to consider applying primer. You would also need to check whether you got the right hardener and mix with it. 


You would use the spray gun to apply an even coat of paint on the surface you are painting. You may need to make sure that you only re-spray when the surface is dry and sanded. You would need to lightly sand the primed surface. You would need to sparingly wet a rug with a thinner and use it to wipe of the sanded area. You would then need to clean the spray gun and mix your paint with a thinner. It would be critical to use the recommended paints ratio. It would be modest to sand every layer and only avoid sanding the last one. It may be critical to consider going for a 2,000 grit sandpaper in a case where you are doing a paint job. You would need to repeat the process until the surface is ready for the final paint. It may be critical to let the last coat completely dry. You would need to remember to apply several coats of the clear coat. Visit this site to read more about motorcycle paint:

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